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KMESC was founded by a group of dedicated setter lovers in south eastern Wisconsin who wanted to raise awareness of their beautiful dual purpose companion. Our club members have an archive of old memories that we look forward to digitizing and sharing with you here.


7/22/20 Updates


KMESC Members, while shows, trials, and clubs are slowly reopening, it will be a while before exhibitors have easy access to Rally trials or Trick Dog evaluations. AKC has made it possible to earn Rally Novice and all levels of Trick Dog from home.


Trick Dog offers many levels from Novice to Elite Performer. If your dog already has a Canine Good Citizen certification, you need five tricks for the Novice level; if not you need 10. This link provides the check lists and applications as well as videos on how some tricks are performed. Be sure to read the guide for Evaluators as it gives details on how each trick is performed correctly. You need to locate a CGC/Trick Dog Evaluator. If any KMESC members are current Evaluators, please let us know. You will film your dog doing the tricks and send that along with the checklist to the Evaluator. If your dog passes, the Evaluator will send you a copy of the Evaluator Video Verification Form and they will also send a copy to AKC. You then send the application, checklist, video verification, and fee to AKC.


Link to AKC Website for Trick Dog Info

The AKC Education Webinar Series provides an opportunity for Clubs to learn more about the resources AKC has to offer. There is no cost to watching these. It is easy to register on your computer. They also provide the past ones to review.

The last Wednesday of every month will bring a new topic covering misconduct, making your show an event, social media and marketing, tax laws and much more. There is no limit to the number of club members that may attend. During the webinars, you will be able to ask questions and participate in open discussion.

The upcoming ones are on how to utilize staff at your show. This is on July 29, 2020 at 7pm.

The next one is August 26, 2020 at 7pm. That one deals with ring stewarding.

Link to upcoming AKC Education Webinar Series

Link to Previously Aired Webinars


June 2019 Updates

KMESC recently donated to Vest-a-dog Wisconsin. Three dogs were able to receive vests from our donation!

~Fond du Lac Police Department. Officer Ben Hardgrove and his new K9 that he hasn't met yet. They will be starting a few weeks of training in May. That will be when Ben meets the K9 they choose for him. He is very excited. He loved his former partner K9 Packo!

~Trempealeau County Sheriff's Office. Deputy Eduardo Hernandez and K9 Athos. They start their training tomorrow.

~Black River Falls Police Department. Officer Ethan Shaffer and K9 ILO. They are already on the streets but, with no vest.

For more info:

Donna Morgan,

President WI Vest-A-Dog, Inc.

4459 Rockingham Drive Janesville, WI 53546

(608) 752-3539

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